What Is Spiritual Orientation?

Asking big questions (like who am I? why am I here?) is obviously a universal human experience where we attempt to reach out and find our place in the universe. Though many answers to these questions exist, most people have failed to pick up a shovel and dig into those (or any alternate) beliefs. Spiritual Orientation is our attempt at discussing these ideas.

Our core belief is that we are each our own religion. Your views likely differ from the person in the pew sitting next to you, more than we will ever know.

We want to showcase and explore various religions, cultures, beliefs, and spirituality as objectively as we can. Like a map and compass, we show possibilities without suggesting a course.

Our hope is that by exploring these ideas that we can somehow help someone (maybe you!) live a happier, healthier life — physically, mentally, and spiritually.

About The Author

My name is Daniel Rollo. As an armchair theologian/philosopher, a current student studying religion, and recently ordained Chaplain, I love researching and discussing deeply held beliefs. My passion is exploring ideas, being a compassionate listening ear and sounding board, advocating for an examined life, accepting reality on its own terms, and helping others to realize their potential.10605992_10152897715114761_2936638490100400709_n.jpg

Being raised in a religious environment, I eventually became dissatisfied with religions claiming to be the only answer to a spiritual life. My spiritual path has lead me to an expansive view of acceptance and peace, no longer constrained to specific buildings or books.

My goal in creating (and authoring for) this site is to continually learn and grow, taking steps forward in my spiritual journey by contributing what I can to the spiritual conversation.

Copyright June 2018